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You are never too old for karate lessons. There is no age limit, and there is actually very little physical restriction as well. In fact, karate lessons can actually help you improve and overcome some perceived boundaries set by either your age or your physical state.  Learn highly effective & powerful karate skills in a relaxed and friendly environment. Control your Mind, Body, & emotions, Do not become a victim, physically or emotionally.  Our Shotokan JKA Karate Dojos in both Watford and Luton are great places for Adults to study Karate. Important self-development martial arts qualities & traits such as: Courtesy, Integrity, Humility, Balance, Self Control, Teamwork, Respect, Fitness, and Leadership are fostered in all our Adult Karate Classes. You Learn highly effective and powerful self-defense skills in a relaxed,friendly environment. As a method of self-defence. Shotokan JKA Karate is very powerful & sufficient for total self-protection. 





For Adults in the business world, in whatever work or profession, our Karate classes pay huge dividends. It strengthens your focus and perseverance for a huge competitive advantage. As a parent modeling respect, self-discipline, and thoughtful understanding helps children develop these attributes. Additionally, the mental balance of the martial arts mindset helps parents be better equipped to deal with the challenges,and stress that come with raising even the best of children.​Physical Benefits :
Get in the best shape of your life by working out with a purpose. At our Shotokan JKA academy, you'll get the latest exercise physiology and excellent cardiovascular conditioning at a pace matched to your fitness level. Our Shotokan JKA Karate program for Adults benefits the body to improve strength, endurance, flexibility, focus, perseverance, mental balance, and self-discipline.
Age is no barrier at Shotokan JKA Academy...our martial art is ideal for all ages with different benefits..our classes for Adults & Teenagers ( Above 16 years of age ) will physically help develop your optimal health & fitness, strength,conditioning,endurance,flexibility, and also fat burning to control your body-weight. Our classes for Adults will enable you to have the tools and strategies to fight & manage your stress levels, and give you more self-confidence & self-control in your life. Our classes help you to develop a mind-set to overcome all obstacles, be they tangible or intangible in your life by training to focus on the present moment  in your classes.. at the same time you master the ultimate Karate techniques as taught by the world's best masters of Shotokan JKA, which only Sham Aktar Sensei 6th Dan has had a privilege to learn through his dedicated training & research over many years from Japan,China,& Malaysia which is taught in a simplified and step-by step manner. Sham Aktar sensei is regarded as one of UK's highly Qualified, Professional,martial arts & fitness instructor by many martial arts organisations. He has over 48 years of Martial arts experience & together with his professional coaching team gives you the best ever martial arts learning experience at the Shotokan JKA Academy.
Remember...with the recent introduction of Shotokan Karate as an olympic competition sport it's popularity as a amartial arts is growing more than ever .. try this fascinating martial art of self-defence, whatever your age, and discover how it  can positively help impact and change your life positively now !!...
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